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I found this at BBC News:
Monrovia: Note the teddy-bear backpack

A thousand words minimum, it would seem. Note the teddy-bear backpack.

Emma's Journal (27 June, 2003)

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Is this thing on?

April is the cruelest month. The cruelest month.

A question has occurred to me: Do people actually believe all the things they say about liberty or freedom? What puzzles me most is the idea that what we don't like is somehow anti-(fill in the blank). Anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-human ... it's a strange juxtaposition.

If you are not offended by homosexuals, if you support drug decriminalization, if you support free speech--ad nauseam--you are somehow anti-child, anti-freedom, or anti-American respectively.

It's just that in light of the publicly-debated round of sedition laws and other security measures currently afoot in the United States, I seriously have trouble with the assertion that the Supreme Court, in awarding the respect of liberty and human dignity to homosexuals, has somehow become a black-robed oligarchy.

And speaking of unelected ....


"Will we rule ourselves, or be ruled by unelected black-robed oligarchs who disregard the Constitution to impose their own political agenda on the country?" (Ken Connor, Family Research Council in USA Today)


I must be ... careful here. While I'm actually quite pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, it's actually beside the point. I'm more interested in the trend of trashing whatever government institution that has upset you as anti-American, anti-democratic, or otherwise.

I should ask Mr. Connor his opinion of the Congressional "Zippergate" debacle. It's amazing how badly social conservatives react to sex issues, and it's even more amazing how badly they can sabotage their own issues. Homosexuals never really mattered to me until I endured the 1992 general election in Oregon. Gay has never been so popular as it has since Christian obsessives have made their most recent push against the right of human beings to love, or to just plain enjoy themselves.

And here's the thing: After a decade of confused and confusing homosexual-related politics, how is it again that the granting of respect and liberty is a threat to freedom?

Emma's Journal (24 June, 2003)

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One of the problems of dwelling on the ineffable is that it's really hard to tell people what you're thinking about. Most, these days, are smart enough to not ask.

Can it wait until after the war?

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