Morals in action 

Morals in action

From the BBC: US exports anti-abortion policy

According to BBC's Nadine Ghouri, half of all female deaths occurring at an Addis Ababa hospital resulted from botched abortions. Apparently there exists an issue related to American foreign aid and a gag rule on the subject of abortion. One quote from the BBC article worth noting: "Under the gag rule, I can treat a woman who comes bleeding after an illegal abortion but I am not allowed to warn her of the dangers before she goes," said an Ethiopian family planner who refused American assistance because of the gag rule.

Another stated, of the gag rule: "It hasn't worked to cut abortion. All it has done is deprive women of condoms."

Somebody ... I'm not sure who, sums up a frightening perspective: "It's not that I know what is right for other women .... It's that I know what is right."

I'll have to find out who Wendy Wright actually is, and then take up a collection to buy her a ticket to Ethiopia.

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