Emmacratic Party of the United States of America 

Emmacratic Party of the United States of America

I'm switching to become an Emmacrat.

It's one of those things where I swear I heard someone use the word, but she denies it outright. Strange, that. I was trying to tell her how she inspired me, yet I'm somehow being accusatory ...?

(Sorry ... digression.)

At any rate, the rules of being an Emmacrat are simple.

- Obtain a picture of a child. Any child. If you have children, that helps. But it's also good to keep a back-up photo from somewhere in the third world. One need not be a parent to be an Emmacrat. Just get some pictures of children. Tasteful ones, for heaven's sake.

- Get a pen, a crayon, nail polish, whatever, and scrawl across the picture the following words: "VOTE FOR ME"

- Read your local voter's guide; consider issues carefully and rationally.

- Take the picture with you to the voting booth; it is your on-site voter's guide. Vote according to the guide.

Now, I'm aware that this whole idea can be subject to certain abuses; *here the Democratic Party *ent under Bill Clinton and in his merry *ake is a mystery to those out on the left *ing *ho find themselves *ithout any significant political voice thanks to The *affle. So just as the left thought it could be more effectively leftist by moving right, I'm aware that doing the right thing for children, especially one's own, can lead to some seriously perverse results.

Remember, a child with an education and food to eat is less likely to steal your car or bomb a cafe. Especially if you give children other things to do with their educations than build bombs or devise schemes for stealing cars.

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